Sunday, October 10, 2010


So I've been getting good news about John the cat. Mr. S and his friend seem to be enjoying having John around:-) I think it's been a bit of an adjustment to go from no animals at all to a new kitty, but John is such an easy going guy, it has been pretty good. Funny to say it, but I miss the little booger. He is such a friendly creature! It is easier having just the dogs here, I'll admit. They now have free range of the house but it's sooooo quiet. It wasn't long after Butler, my rat, passed on that John came. If you know anything about rats, they make lots of little noises at night since they are nocturnal. It seems John the cat was a "night owl" or cat should I say? Now that he's gone too, it seems like the house is screaming without the little noises, lol.

Course, Blue is a snorer, Lexy is a squeaker when she sleeps, and the rest of them make enough noises between the group of them to make up for one tiny little rat and a mostly quiet cat:-) Funny what you can miss if you don't pay attention. . .
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Happy Blue

Our Miss Blue has been having a good week! The last month or so was spent trying to balance her meds since she was having so much trouble with coughing. It seems we may have found the right mix of medications, even if only for now. She's been so happy and perky. She's such a laid back little gal, even with all of the coughing she was experiencing and little lumpies she has everywhere. Her coughing is minimal now. She even modeled this new Halloween bandana and seemed to enjoy having it on (she later fell asleep with it:-) She lets me trim her nails, and baths? No problem. She loves to go for walks, she's all about stopping to smell the flowers and pretty much anything else she can find, and she can hardly wait to get into the car to go for rides! She LOVES to roll around on the front lawn like a big goofball, even though she's been out there tons of times. She literally is the only dog I've ever had people wave at. I think I may have mentioned this in another post, lol.
She's still looking for that forever home to spend her time in. She deserves to be someone's baby where she will get more attention. Oh, she's perfectly comfortable here, but she deserves more than just a comfortable place to live, she deserves a home of her own. Blue is such a great dog and I know it can be scary to think of adopting an older dog who may or may not be short on time. I can say for sure, she is worth every minute. She never complains and loves so easily. She takes treats so gently (she sure can hear that bag rustling!) She's just an all around easy gal to be around. She's not a fan of getting on the furniture (it's too tall) and loves a blanket or a soft fluffy bed. She does need someone who will be dedicated to giving her her medication on time. She is in the Seniors for Seniors program so if someone over the age of 65 adopts her, vet care would be free if you take her to vets with Stray Rescue. Even if you are under 65, the medicine she's on is super reasonable so it's very doable!

Thank you again to Stray Rescue for offering this program. They have worked with us for quite some time helping us adopt out our older dogs. Think about Blue and if you know anyone who might love to give this girl the right home. She's definitely worth the effort!!:-)
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Friday, October 1, 2010


So it is always easy to tell when I'm back to school. My days are never ending and the paperwork piles up higher than the laundry. And so, it seems, my blog is always behind. Sandi the lab got adopted to a great family!! Yay! In fact, they love her so much, they are looking for another buddy for her. Now Kandi, she is living life in the lap of luxury. We should all be so lucky:-)

Back to the cat. So this is John. I'm helping out a friend while they are dealing with some life issues. How did I end up with a cat after having dogs and rats? Well, what can only be described as a moment of temporary insanity, I heard someone say "Oh, I can take him. Shouldn't be any trouble at all:-)" Then as I looked around, horrified, I realized *I* had said this! Don't get me wrong. I don't have a thing against cats. In fact I think they are quite cute. The problem is I am terribly allergic, like the kind where your face swells up, your throat itches yadda, yadda, yadda. Not to mention I had 6 dogs here at the time, none of which I was sure would NOT eat a cat. But once it was out, what could I do? And that's how John came to be here.

I've got to tell you, John is not your ordinary cat. Nope, I'm convinced he's part dog:-) Affectionate in a way I've never seen cats, he purred like a motor everytime I came near. In fact, I found myself stocking up on benedryl and hand soap in bulk just so I could sit in the room and playwith him. He did have the inconvenience of being stuck in one room, but he had a window and a perch he could look out. I knew nothing about cats so I went and bought pretty much one of everything I'd heard of that I could afford to keep this kitty happy. And yes, it's true what they say about catnip. Cat's DO love it. In fact, for the first two days it was in the scratcher, John the cat slept on the thing.

As allergies do, they kept getting in the way and I had to concede to the fact that I had to find a better placement for John until he could go back to his old home. Luckily I work with some really nice folks and one of the teachers volunteered to take John home since she had cats. Well, sadly, he apparently is quite large for a cat (what do I know? my smallest dog is 14lbs and my biggest 70lbs. so I thought John the cat, at 14.5lbs was a normal, average size for a cat.) He apparently dwarfs, erm and scares the crap out of her kitties. The kitties are not too happy about this so as luck would have it, she suggested another teacher might be interested and helping out and so he's going to take John the cat this weekend.

Thanks so much Miss F. and Mr. S! You have saved me! (or at least my eyes and my throat from swelling up again:-) I work with some pretty awesome folks. Course, I knew that before all this. So John the cat will go to his new home sometime in the next couple of days and hopefully all will be well until it's time for him to go home again. I love when things work out!

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