Wednesday, December 29, 2010

M.J. the Cat

This cat has continued to show just how brave he is with the dogs here at the house. He'll sneak by and has made a point to visit each and every nook and cranny. Lucky for him he's fast as lightning. Ginger, the little red dog, is still not a big fan of him. She'll barely tolerate him if I'm holding her, but if she sees him coming into the room, she'll try to bolt. He's one heck of a smart critter though. There's a gate up at the bedroom door, so he can get out, but the dogs can't get in. Most of the time, he's so quiet, I can hardly tell he's around. Other times I can hear him playing with a few of the toys we've managed to gather over the last month. He sure does love the catnip!

He does have a couple of favorite places to hang out.  One is in the basket that you see in the pictures.  It's on top of a bookshelf in my living room.  Far enough off the ground to keep the dogs from bothering him, but close enough to me that he's happy.  Never have I met a cat that needed the attention this one does!  Otherwise, there's a big dog bed in the room he stays in that he'll keep his toys in, oddly enough. He's a pretty cool cat, but at heart, I have to say I'm still a dog person.  Who knows, maybe if he didn't still give me the sniffles, I would feel differently, but I can definitely say I've enjoyed having him around.  He's due to go back to his other "home" hopefully next week since the holidays are over.  With Ginger as unpredictable as she is and new fosters coming in, he'll definitely be "safer" there anyway!  
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Cracks me up, these animals. The blue bed that ol' Blue is curled up in has been a favorite of all the dogs that have come through here and my own dogs too. I bought that years ago for my rats. It was one of the only things that the rats did not shred. It's too small for anyone but Cody or Ginger, but they all seem to love it.

Below Eclipse managed to fall asleep with feet in the air. Lexy was not amused:-)
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Long overdue for an update. I seem to be saying that about a lot of things lately. This handsome little guy had a home for about 2 days, then it turned out the other dog in the home was a bit put off by Eclipse's exhuberance:-) And that's okay. Sometimes we'll find the best homes, but for a different dog than the one we were trying for. I've gotten a lot of inquiries on this young fellow. So far he's still here, doing great.

He's still a big baby, though learning new commands is no challenge for this guy. He's learned to crate up with no trouble. He knew sit, but now knows wait at the door as well as go when it's time to go out. We're doing hand signals as well. He gets a little over excited and needs reminders, but is doing great! I would be willing to bet that this guy would be a good candidate for the canine good citizen's test and make a great therapy dog (for visiting schools, nursing homes and the like.) He's great about just plopping his butt into the lap of whomever is closest and leaning til they make him move:-)

M.J. the cat is still here and it seems that Eclipse rather enjoys toying with the cat. At first I thought E was being a bully. Turns out the cat instigates as much as the dog! Unfortunately for them, my house is small and there have been a few noggins sliding into the walls, but that's nothing new. It's like hearing brakes skidding on the road. You wait for the sound of the crash and hope it doesn't come, but more often than not it does. I can't believe there's not yet a hole in my wall!

Eclipse has finally put on a few pounds and his coat is healthy and shiny. He's great with all the dogs (though still scared to death of Ol' Blue). Now that the holidays are winding down, we'll be able to get out to events more and hopefully get him placed into a new home soon.

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas! I know we did!
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