Monday, April 26, 2010


You know you're living the good life when you don't even have to hold your head up. You can prop it on one of your many, many (did I mention many) toys. Strange that I keep buying toys for them considering he only has one or 2 that he really likes. Ginger seems to like what he likes so that makes for some funny moments. Lexy likes to go crazy with a pillow from a little dog bed and Squirt thinks that toys are deplorable, lol. Or at least that's how she acts. If she's really riled up she might chew on something for a minute or two, then it's like she realizes what she's done and spends the next 5 minutes licking her lips trying to get the fuzz off!

It's funny how much kids and dogs are alike. My nephews are the same way, finding one or two things that they really love and that's their focus. So why do we keep buying more junk that they don't need? Who knows? Maybe one of these days we will stop.

As I write this, Ginger is sitting on my leg with one of her paws on my arm and she just keeps staring at me like she's trying to do the Vulcan mind meld, lol. I don't know what she wants. I haven't figured out all of her little quirks and funny noises and moves, but we're getting there. She can be so wild and rambunctious one minute, then she sits like now just staring, waiting for attention. I love to "talk" with her as she makes funny noises at me. She'll make a noise and I'll repeat it. She keeps going and so do I until she's had enough and finally pounces on me. I can almost hear her telling me to stop mocking her, and she really means it this time. Honestly, how could anyone NOT want a dog??? (just my personal opinion of course:-)
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Love this site. . .

Here's a site that will just make you smile!  (well, it sure makes me grin and even giggle a little:-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The 3 Amigos

Yup, that's 3 little dogs in that cage. They were only there momentarily while I took some pictures, but what a trio, eh? Ginger and Cody of course are mine. then there's Zippy. He was an amazing little dog that came to stay with me for a few weeks while one of our volunteers was dealing with the most heartbreaking life event anyone could ever go through, the loss of a child. That being said, Zippy was more than just a foster visitor for me. By the way, he's back with his original foster mom, looking cute as ever:-) He's just another example of an amazing dog that someone threw out, literally. At 12 years old, this dog can do many tricks and smiles the funniest smile you ever saw. He has a "wonky" leg as Virginia calls it and it adds to his comical personality. His owners divorced and decided that he was disposable so they dumped him on the street. No way to sugar coat it when a couple of human jerks don't bother to think about the needs of another living creature. With all of the options out there today, only a super idiot would just dump a dog on the street these days.
Needless to say, Zippy was picked up by Virginia just a few days before he was scheduled to be put down at a local pound. He'd apparently been there for some time. What a great little guy who was just forgotten by those who he was most devoted to. How do things like this happen??

Grrr, either way all is better now. He's back home with his foster mom where he belongs and yesterday, we had too much fun helping him to pose for pictures while we were at an adoption event. Good grief, who knew that this little hambone was such a great model on top of everyting else??? Can't wait to see how they turn out. They are supposed to be back in about two weeks. Can't wait for you to see them either.

In the meantime, no more fosters til summer (yeah, yeah, that's my goal anyway) so I can get my house and my critters in some kind of decent shape:-)
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