Sunday, September 21, 2014

EvieLu Comes Back

 There once was a foster dog named EvieLu.  She found her forever home and was so very happy!  Then, the happily ever after came to a halt.  EvieLu was having some issues apparently, so she had to come back home to me.  Since coming back, she's been doing great!  I'm not sure what was triggering her, but there are those instances where you can have the right people, but the wrong dog or even the wrong people/timing, but the right dog.  I guess we'll never know what exactly caused the issues, but EvieLu has been fabulous since she's been here. 
She does great with the other dogs and the cats in the house.  She seems to love kids and other adults.  She plays, she naps, she loves.  Whatever it was that was getting to her, I suppose is gone here. 
When we take in dogs from local kill shelters, we don't always know what the background of the dog is.  We can only hope to improve their situation as best as we can.  Once in a while the fit in a new home just doesn't work, but it usually will with a different placement.  So EvieLu is back up for adoption again.  She will stay with me for a few more weeks before attending events just so I can be sure all is well, but for now, she's a happy dog, waiting for her forever happily ever after. . ."fur" real this time.  :-)

Sweet Little Guy

 Chico, Chico, and more Chico!  This little one has been waiting quite some time to find that forever home that we all hope our fosters get.  He's such a sweet little guy to have around!  The weather lately has us outdoors more, but when we come in, he's pooped! (Note the napping above :-)  )
A friend made a comment about this picture.  I must love coming home to all of these critters and yes, I have to agree.  Though, sometimes I feel a little bad for them.  At my house, the fosters have to take a back seat to my own critters.  It's the only fair way to keep fostering and give my bubs the extra attention that they deserve.  Of course, that's still tons better than what it could be if they were stuck in a cage somewhere with limited human/animal/social  contact.  Here, they have full run of the house when I'm home, access to all the toys, water, and treats they can handle!  I'm almost proud of our dinner routine, haha!  They all know exactly where to go when it's time to eat.  It's a thing of beauty really.  In return, they give me so much more than I could ever give them.  They "tell" me their stories and privilege me with getting to know what loving, amazing creatures they are.  I have to say, I definitely have the better end of the deal, but being the unselfish creatures that they are, I think they are okay with that.  :-) 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Love ❤ Unleashed

Yesterday we spent some time at a great doggie daycare called Love Unleashed in Crestwood, MO for an adoption event. While Adalyn, Sugar, & Chico didn't find a home, they did enjoy getting to socialize crate free with all the dogs & people. I'm told that next weekend is a new kind of adoption event that will be located at Open Door Animal Sanctuary. A sort if speed dating for dogs/potential homes if you will. That's new to me! More info as soon as I get the details!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Miss Adalyn (dontcha just love the name??!) has had a really rough life up until the last year.  All the details aren't known, but the conditions she lived in were so bad, she escaped out of a broken window, ending up with dozens of stitches in her chest and a long time healing.  Lucky for her, someone that worked for a veterinarian's office found her and she was on her way to mending.  Everyone there fell in love with Adalyn, but as they all already had multiple pets (a hazard of working with animals) :-) no one had room to take her home so they referred Adalyn to St. Louis Senior Dog Project once her stitches were out and her chest healed.  That's how she came to live with me. 
With her story and her spirit it's hard not to love Addie.  This dog, for all she's been through, is as sweet and gentle as they come.  All she wants is a soft bed, a family to love her and some good meals.  She does love walks (and is great on the leash!) and is good in the car.  She gets along great with other dogs, cats, kids, adults, you name it.  
Adalyn would be great for someone who is home often, such as a retired person or someone who works from home so that she can be with her people.  She does fine in my home, even though I work full time, but I think she'd be happiest being around folks more often.  She has these wonderful brown eyes that don't come through in my pictures very well, but you can almost hear her talking to you if you look hard enough. 

Senior Dogs Still Rock :-)

So it's been roughly 3 years and many dogs later since I last blogged.  Goodness, that's too long!  I have had so many wonderful dogs come through, but most haven't been here long enough to be able to talk about.  The younger ones always go so fast.  I have a few senior bubs now and still wonder why some of them take so long to find a home.  They are so easy and loving to have around! 

Take Sugar here. 

She is pretty much a perfect dog!  Potty trained, loving, good with kids, dogs, & other people.  Her only "flaw"?  She's about 13 years old.  While I don't consider that a flaw, many fear the possibility of getting their hearts broken by an older dog who may not have many years left.  What they forget is the quality in those years.  Sugar has proven to be as sweet and loving as her name would suggest.  She's so funny to be around with her goofy faces and her funny ears when she's listening for something carefully. 

Chico is another great dog and easy to have around!  He had to wear a belly band when he first came, but has since graduated to no belly band with only a few reminders. 

Above, Chico taking a nap when he first came and the next one is Chico and Sugar waiting for dinner.  And does Chico love his people?  What do you think?  :-)  With his peeps are his favorite place to be. 
Both of these great dogs love going for rides, are good on a leash and love walks and simply love to snuggle up and chill when you want to be a couch potato.  Chico is only about 7, but his odd looks get many comments, but no takers.  This boy is full of love and spunkiness and he's just waiting to make someone happy, happy, happy!