Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sweet Little Guy

 Chico, Chico, and more Chico!  This little one has been waiting quite some time to find that forever home that we all hope our fosters get.  He's such a sweet little guy to have around!  The weather lately has us outdoors more, but when we come in, he's pooped! (Note the napping above :-)  )
A friend made a comment about this picture.  I must love coming home to all of these critters and yes, I have to agree.  Though, sometimes I feel a little bad for them.  At my house, the fosters have to take a back seat to my own critters.  It's the only fair way to keep fostering and give my bubs the extra attention that they deserve.  Of course, that's still tons better than what it could be if they were stuck in a cage somewhere with limited human/animal/social  contact.  Here, they have full run of the house when I'm home, access to all the toys, water, and treats they can handle!  I'm almost proud of our dinner routine, haha!  They all know exactly where to go when it's time to eat.  It's a thing of beauty really.  In return, they give me so much more than I could ever give them.  They "tell" me their stories and privilege me with getting to know what loving, amazing creatures they are.  I have to say, I definitely have the better end of the deal, but being the unselfish creatures that they are, I think they are okay with that.  :-) 

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