Wednesday, December 29, 2010

M.J. the Cat

This cat has continued to show just how brave he is with the dogs here at the house. He'll sneak by and has made a point to visit each and every nook and cranny. Lucky for him he's fast as lightning. Ginger, the little red dog, is still not a big fan of him. She'll barely tolerate him if I'm holding her, but if she sees him coming into the room, she'll try to bolt. He's one heck of a smart critter though. There's a gate up at the bedroom door, so he can get out, but the dogs can't get in. Most of the time, he's so quiet, I can hardly tell he's around. Other times I can hear him playing with a few of the toys we've managed to gather over the last month. He sure does love the catnip!

He does have a couple of favorite places to hang out.  One is in the basket that you see in the pictures.  It's on top of a bookshelf in my living room.  Far enough off the ground to keep the dogs from bothering him, but close enough to me that he's happy.  Never have I met a cat that needed the attention this one does!  Otherwise, there's a big dog bed in the room he stays in that he'll keep his toys in, oddly enough. He's a pretty cool cat, but at heart, I have to say I'm still a dog person.  Who knows, maybe if he didn't still give me the sniffles, I would feel differently, but I can definitely say I've enjoyed having him around.  He's due to go back to his other "home" hopefully next week since the holidays are over.  With Ginger as unpredictable as she is and new fosters coming in, he'll definitely be "safer" there anyway!  
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Cracks me up, these animals. The blue bed that ol' Blue is curled up in has been a favorite of all the dogs that have come through here and my own dogs too. I bought that years ago for my rats. It was one of the only things that the rats did not shred. It's too small for anyone but Cody or Ginger, but they all seem to love it.

Below Eclipse managed to fall asleep with feet in the air. Lexy was not amused:-)
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Long overdue for an update. I seem to be saying that about a lot of things lately. This handsome little guy had a home for about 2 days, then it turned out the other dog in the home was a bit put off by Eclipse's exhuberance:-) And that's okay. Sometimes we'll find the best homes, but for a different dog than the one we were trying for. I've gotten a lot of inquiries on this young fellow. So far he's still here, doing great.

He's still a big baby, though learning new commands is no challenge for this guy. He's learned to crate up with no trouble. He knew sit, but now knows wait at the door as well as go when it's time to go out. We're doing hand signals as well. He gets a little over excited and needs reminders, but is doing great! I would be willing to bet that this guy would be a good candidate for the canine good citizen's test and make a great therapy dog (for visiting schools, nursing homes and the like.) He's great about just plopping his butt into the lap of whomever is closest and leaning til they make him move:-)

M.J. the cat is still here and it seems that Eclipse rather enjoys toying with the cat. At first I thought E was being a bully. Turns out the cat instigates as much as the dog! Unfortunately for them, my house is small and there have been a few noggins sliding into the walls, but that's nothing new. It's like hearing brakes skidding on the road. You wait for the sound of the crash and hope it doesn't come, but more often than not it does. I can't believe there's not yet a hole in my wall!

Eclipse has finally put on a few pounds and his coat is healthy and shiny. He's great with all the dogs (though still scared to death of Ol' Blue). Now that the holidays are winding down, we'll be able to get out to events more and hopefully get him placed into a new home soon.

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas! I know we did!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am Thankful

It's hard to believe another Thanksgiving has come and is on it's way out. I'm thankful for things every day of my life, but it's that time of year when I tend to think about more than just the everyday. There are times when I find that I beat myself up over things that I can't control. And sometimes over things I can control. We all do that now and again. Then I stop and think that, as I'm only human, things happen that just simply have to be let go. Then I start thinking about all of the beauty that has touched my life and how things seem like just a blink. That's when I start to think of the souls that have touched my life, whether animal or human.

I've lost both of my parents in the last 8 years and holiday seasons have been tough. I've lost siblings, friends and pets. With each one that left, things seemed to get harder. Then, it turns out, I have a disease that is constantly trying to take me down. Sometimes I give in because I'm just tired of having to work so hard to keep moving forward. Through it all, I've had my animals and the dogs I've been fortunate enough to have come through my home while waiting for a forever home. Some made it. Sadly, others never left foster care.

This year, though, has been a start of new, happy traditions. Better memories and thanks for all of the things that have shaped my life. I've had many influences in my life, good and bad. Of all of these, the influences that have made the biggest differences have been from the animals I have worked with and from the people I have met that work to make a difference in lives of even those they haven't met yet. Those who remain positive about the world and the people in it. Those who, no matter what, strive to change things that need to be changed.

You might remember Chester, the senior, senior, senior lab that left us last year around this time. That poor dog had bones that rubbed when he walked, liver disease, the beginnings of paralysis due to damage to his spine and a list of other health issues. Yet here was a creature who would still bring me a toy for me to "throw", which usually ended up with me tossing it a couple of feet (because I was afraid he'd fall over if I threw it farther!) and him scrambling in pure happiness to "fetch" it and do it over again. No, I'm not exaggerating either. Everyone that met Chester loved him. I still think about that dog almost daily. It never ceased to amaze me, the zest for life he had. Yeah, so things didn't work like they were supposed to. Big fat hairy deal. He'd just walk a little slower. Eat a little slower, but he still wagged that crooked old tail and would give kisses any time you were within 5 inches of him:-) I need to continue to take a lesson from that (well, maybe except for the kissing anything within 5 inches, lol). We all hear about humans who deal with issues like this and worse and God bless them, for sure. But sometimes seeing it on tv or reading about it is a whole lot different from knowing a living being personally who understands the value of life without overthinking it. Who continues to enjoy life regardless of the future. So while I'm thankful for my family and friends, and the life I'm lucky enough to have, I'm especially blessed to know the value of really living from being with creatures that are happy, loving and exhuberant, even when they don't feel so great or maybe they don't have the best things, or they might not be getting enough attention when they want it. For this and many other things, I truly am thankful.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Er, uh, No, thanks. . .

That's what I hear in my head when I look at this picture, "No, thanks" to whatever it is that I may have asked/said/done that could have caused a face like this:-) Eclipse continues to prove the ever present theory that rescue dogs are the best dogs. Not to mention they take the funniest pictures!

He could have been saying no thanks to his neuter surgery Monday, but of course, that was never an option. No unwanted, abused or forgotten pups from this guy. He went through his surgery with flying colors and was a happy camper by the next morning. Now here he is and he'll be with us for Thanksgiving this year. Just reminds me once again that I have so much to be thankful for. A house full of fur, yes, but lots of love and undeniable comedy when I least expect it. Course, I have many blessings, but these are my dearest:-)

I got to thinking today what it must be like as an outsider taking a peek into my house full of critters, dog beds, training treats and the occasional cat. Did I mention John the cat is staying for a visit while his foster home goes away for the holiday. He's looking great and funny how I forgot just how much I like having that kitty around. I'm hoping to get some better pictures of him. He's a GORGEOUS kitty! Course, he'll be stuck in the bedroom with a view, but he didn't mind too much before. There's lots of squirrels and birds to check out there. Either way, I figure, until my niece (who is as honest as they come) tells me my house smells like dog or a friend gives me the "look", then I think I'll not have to worry. This will also be my first Turkey Day as a vegetarian. Wonder what my dogs will think of tofurkey? Bwhahahahaha, me NIETHER!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Clean and shiny

There's no doubt in my mind that this boy once had a home. This is Eclipse, though I find myself calling him Clipper, why? I have no idea. However, in less than 24 hours he's shown me that while he doesn't like it, he will calmly tolerate a bath (if you don't mind him leaning his wet head on you:-), he knows sit, he's a fan of hugging humans and kissing them on the nose:-) He's gentle with treats and fits in well with the pack here. Lexy has been trying to engage him in play, which he happily obliges. But as soon as he bumps her back legs, she gets cranky and gives him a what for. That's the end of that. Poor Lex is just not as mobile as she was in her younger days:-( She sure would like to be though, there's no doubt about that. Eclipse seems content to give her an "I'm sorry" nose poke once she's not crabby anymore and that's good enough for her.

I have no doubt that Eclipse has shepherd in him and upon first glance I thought husky, but he sure doesn't have the temperment of either of those dogs. Both breeds and mixes of those breeds are great, but in my experience have been high energy and quirky. This guy is a mellow fellow for his young years (estimated at about 3 I think, with some truly pearly white teeth!) He's content to go outside to potty then come back in and hang out. Seems to want nothing more than to be cozy in the house hanging out with others. He's not a "shover" either. You know, the ones that shove their way past other dogs. He's okay standing wherever as long as he's getting attention. Cody and Ginger could sure learn a thing or two from him:-) So what he is mixed with? Your guess is as good as mine. good old Heinz 57. The best kind of canine!

Anyway, he'll hopefully get neutered in the next couple of days. Until then he's on leash patrol only. I'm not willing to take any chances on him hopping the fence and doing who knows what! He seems okay with that too actually:-) We've gone out many times since last night and he's perfectly fine taking care of business while on lead. I've had dogs in the past that had, er, um, privacy issues I suppose. If I had them on leash or where they could see me, they refused to go. That's where REALLY long leads come in. Until a dog is neutered and pretty much guaranteed (in my opinion anyway) not to be a jumper, he has to do potty breaks with me in tow. Just don't want to contribute to the overpopulation of animals when I work so hard trying to educate folks to prevent it.

More pictures to come in the future. Wouldn't you know I got a couple of pictures and my camera battery died. OY! Needless to say, the pack here seems perfectly content to share thier space with E and Blue now has another male to sass:-) As for me I enjoy sitting back and watching my dogs do the magic they do that tends to bring out the best in new dogs who come to our house. With E already being such a sweet boy, it will be interesting to see in what new ways he blossoms. Animals truly are amazing creatures. Gotta love 'em:-)
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 Okay, I know I've really sucked big time about keeping up with the blog lately.  I have to admit, even I'm irritated with me and my lack of updates.  Honestly, sometimes just sitting down to write can be hard to do when I know there are a million things I'd like to say and just don't know where to start.  So avoidance seems to be the easiest answer. Luckily, we've had some happy changes and are welcoming our newest foster Eclipse.  He was found as a stray and taken in by Stray Rescue.  Seeing as they have taken over the city pound they are doing an amazing job of trying to coordinate with and work with other rescues to try to make sure dogs are placed and room is made for the new ones.  He's just a bit shy, but very quick to warm up.  He's got the most stunning blue eyes.  He's already shown me that he's great in the car and good with the other dogs (he and Cody have already been playing tonight and he's wooed my bossy girl, Squirt:-)  More details and pictures after he's had a bath and settled in a bit longer.  I will say, he made my heart melt when I was sitting in the living room on the floor talking to him and he just walked over and pushed his head up under my chin and stood there letting me hug him.  The stillness and trust of a new dog doing that just speaks volumes to me that words could never describe. 

I was at the Pine Street Shelter today and It's amazing what a wonderful job they've done there.  Honestly, my house is not as clean as this shelter is!  And the dogs, while I'm sure would be happier in forever homes, truly looked settled, not freaked out and stressed out.  In fact, all but a few were taking naps and this was at about 3pm!  Not that I didn't want to take all of those dogs home, but it sure beats the heart wrenching memories of the city pound *shudder*.

Funny little Blue is still here.  She's had two inquiries in the past month, but both either found another dog or were concerned about Blue's medical issues.  It's hard to be old, whether you're a dog or human.  Folks don't want to have to deal with your aches and pains.  I think sometimes it reminds them of their own mortality.  Heartbreak also comes with having pets.  Eventually, even if you start with a pup, they have to move on to a "better place".  It can be hard to know that sometimes a few weeks, months or even a year is all you might have with a pet.  It can be so worth it.  I do understand why folks would rather not adopt an older dog sometimes, but I feel bad for them because they just don't know what they're missing.  Meanwhile, Blue continues to do well, sleep soundly and eat heartily:-)  She's just an all around happy old gal.  Love that old fart.  You never know, she may just get the right home yet.  Until then, she's dreaming happily on her bed, most likely about breakfast! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So I've been getting good news about John the cat. Mr. S and his friend seem to be enjoying having John around:-) I think it's been a bit of an adjustment to go from no animals at all to a new kitty, but John is such an easy going guy, it has been pretty good. Funny to say it, but I miss the little booger. He is such a friendly creature! It is easier having just the dogs here, I'll admit. They now have free range of the house but it's sooooo quiet. It wasn't long after Butler, my rat, passed on that John came. If you know anything about rats, they make lots of little noises at night since they are nocturnal. It seems John the cat was a "night owl" or cat should I say? Now that he's gone too, it seems like the house is screaming without the little noises, lol.

Course, Blue is a snorer, Lexy is a squeaker when she sleeps, and the rest of them make enough noises between the group of them to make up for one tiny little rat and a mostly quiet cat:-) Funny what you can miss if you don't pay attention. . .
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Happy Blue

Our Miss Blue has been having a good week! The last month or so was spent trying to balance her meds since she was having so much trouble with coughing. It seems we may have found the right mix of medications, even if only for now. She's been so happy and perky. She's such a laid back little gal, even with all of the coughing she was experiencing and little lumpies she has everywhere. Her coughing is minimal now. She even modeled this new Halloween bandana and seemed to enjoy having it on (she later fell asleep with it:-) She lets me trim her nails, and baths? No problem. She loves to go for walks, she's all about stopping to smell the flowers and pretty much anything else she can find, and she can hardly wait to get into the car to go for rides! She LOVES to roll around on the front lawn like a big goofball, even though she's been out there tons of times. She literally is the only dog I've ever had people wave at. I think I may have mentioned this in another post, lol.
She's still looking for that forever home to spend her time in. She deserves to be someone's baby where she will get more attention. Oh, she's perfectly comfortable here, but she deserves more than just a comfortable place to live, she deserves a home of her own. Blue is such a great dog and I know it can be scary to think of adopting an older dog who may or may not be short on time. I can say for sure, she is worth every minute. She never complains and loves so easily. She takes treats so gently (she sure can hear that bag rustling!) She's just an all around easy gal to be around. She's not a fan of getting on the furniture (it's too tall) and loves a blanket or a soft fluffy bed. She does need someone who will be dedicated to giving her her medication on time. She is in the Seniors for Seniors program so if someone over the age of 65 adopts her, vet care would be free if you take her to vets with Stray Rescue. Even if you are under 65, the medicine she's on is super reasonable so it's very doable!

Thank you again to Stray Rescue for offering this program. They have worked with us for quite some time helping us adopt out our older dogs. Think about Blue and if you know anyone who might love to give this girl the right home. She's definitely worth the effort!!:-)
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Friday, October 1, 2010


So it is always easy to tell when I'm back to school. My days are never ending and the paperwork piles up higher than the laundry. And so, it seems, my blog is always behind. Sandi the lab got adopted to a great family!! Yay! In fact, they love her so much, they are looking for another buddy for her. Now Kandi, she is living life in the lap of luxury. We should all be so lucky:-)

Back to the cat. So this is John. I'm helping out a friend while they are dealing with some life issues. How did I end up with a cat after having dogs and rats? Well, what can only be described as a moment of temporary insanity, I heard someone say "Oh, I can take him. Shouldn't be any trouble at all:-)" Then as I looked around, horrified, I realized *I* had said this! Don't get me wrong. I don't have a thing against cats. In fact I think they are quite cute. The problem is I am terribly allergic, like the kind where your face swells up, your throat itches yadda, yadda, yadda. Not to mention I had 6 dogs here at the time, none of which I was sure would NOT eat a cat. But once it was out, what could I do? And that's how John came to be here.

I've got to tell you, John is not your ordinary cat. Nope, I'm convinced he's part dog:-) Affectionate in a way I've never seen cats, he purred like a motor everytime I came near. In fact, I found myself stocking up on benedryl and hand soap in bulk just so I could sit in the room and playwith him. He did have the inconvenience of being stuck in one room, but he had a window and a perch he could look out. I knew nothing about cats so I went and bought pretty much one of everything I'd heard of that I could afford to keep this kitty happy. And yes, it's true what they say about catnip. Cat's DO love it. In fact, for the first two days it was in the scratcher, John the cat slept on the thing.

As allergies do, they kept getting in the way and I had to concede to the fact that I had to find a better placement for John until he could go back to his old home. Luckily I work with some really nice folks and one of the teachers volunteered to take John home since she had cats. Well, sadly, he apparently is quite large for a cat (what do I know? my smallest dog is 14lbs and my biggest 70lbs. so I thought John the cat, at 14.5lbs was a normal, average size for a cat.) He apparently dwarfs, erm and scares the crap out of her kitties. The kitties are not too happy about this so as luck would have it, she suggested another teacher might be interested and helping out and so he's going to take John the cat this weekend.

Thanks so much Miss F. and Mr. S! You have saved me! (or at least my eyes and my throat from swelling up again:-) I work with some pretty awesome folks. Course, I knew that before all this. So John the cat will go to his new home sometime in the next couple of days and hopefully all will be well until it's time for him to go home again. I love when things work out!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pretty Blue

Not really much to report tonight. Blue is still feeling not so hot. Her spirits are fine, but her cough still sounds painful. Better, but painful. The antibiotics seem to be helping, but I so wish they would help faster!

It's funny how you have to take tons of shots before you get a good one. And I really like this one of Blue. She may be crabby sometimes with the other dogs. But she's always a sweetheart with me:-) Love ya, you old fart! Here's to hoping you find your forever family very soon.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dog of the Week

Sweet Ol' Blue is the dog of the week over at the Twitter SLSDP site. She has THE cutest little face. She's unfortunately feeling a little under the weather with a bad cough she can't seem to shake. She's been to the doc and on antibiotics. He seems to think she has a case of bronchitis. She sounds like a seal when she coughs, poor gal. Here she is on her donated karanda bed. It's her favorite place to hang out, next to her snuggly fleece bed. Ah, the spoiled life. Only one thing missing: a human all her own. Blue's not exactly young, but she still has tons to offer. Her health isn't always the best (she has a heart murmur and now the cough) but she doesn't complain. True to beagle form, she still eats with MAJOR gusto and pretty much is happy to see you all of the time. She still enjoys walks, though doesn't get them like she deserves because time always seems to be short and she's not exactly the first in line. (We go in order of arrival here to keep the pecking order straight. Helps keep the pack solid.) But when it comes to having her ears rubbed, her tummy scratched (if you get her in the right place her little back leg goes nuts!) and good old fashioned hugging, Blue still longs to be first. She won't be at the adoption event this weekend since she's got a bad cough right now, but if you know someone who would give this sweet old gal the attention and love she deserves, pass the word on. Once she's feeling better again we'll be bringing her in. She may not have lots of years left, but she's worth any and every minute that she does have. Remember, sometimes it's definitely quality over quantity!!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Butler has gone home

This is Butler at about 8 weeks old in this picture. Full of energy, his little feet and tail were pink, pink, pink. He was curious and bouncy and loved to snuggle up with his brothers. He would dart up and down the ramps of his big, multi level cage, barely touching anything. Given a box or a paper bag, or anything else shreddable, he and his brothers could shred anything into a fine haze:-) They were such a joy to watch.

Sadly, Butler left this weekend when his little body just couldn't hold out anymore. At nearly 3, he'd had a pretty healthy life over all. I am now ratless and I feel so off kilter.

I've always had rats, for more than 10 years now actually. With all I have going on right now, it wouldn't be right to get more. Oh, someday, I will have more rats again, but it will have to be closer to a time when there will be time in my life to give them the life I want them to have. One where they get lots of time out of the cage and I can give them, as well as my dogs, all the time and love they need. It will be a long while (as in years-time just won't allow for it now.) before I can do that again, but I look forward to the day when I bring little ratlets home again. In addition to time, my girls are not getting younger. They deserve to truly be the center of attention now.

I've said it many times before, but it is still amazing how such tiny creatures can make such a big impact on your life. They taught me how to accept death before my parents passed away. They taught me to look more closely at things, because you truly can't believe everything you hear. They taught me how to love again, even when my heart was broken. They were my companions who made me smile, even BEFORE I had my dogs (can hardly even remember that:-) And even though it's so sad that their dear little lives are so short, I wouldn't trade my time with any of them for anything. I adore my dogs, but sometimes I've thought it was my rats that keep me human, remind me to have compassion, and remind me to appriciate the small things in life, because those are the things that I will remember later and smile about.

God Bless, sweet Butler boo. I love you and all that came before you to pieces. You will be sorely missed, but never, ever forgotten.
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Big girl, bigger heart

Good grief, I seriously thought I just posted and tonight I look at the date and it's been two weeks. I don't know how that happens so much! Anyhoo, Sandi is doing FABULOUSLY! She has perked up so much and become the silly little gal I imagine she must have been when she was a pup. Her energy level (or at least her happiness level) seems to increase every day. She loves going outside and has even run around the yard a bit. She can't keep up with Cody though. That little bugger is just too darn fast. But she sure does try. The big girls really like her so she's constantly getting some kind of doggy attention. Of course she's scared to pieces of Blue, lol. Just cracks me up to see this ginormous dog sitting back at the door in the kitchen waiting for me to coax her past Blue.

Blue is a sweet old gal who just has a problem with dogs walking by her lol. She has to bark and snarl like she's all tough (usually followed by a cough that makes her sound like Lola:-) But when it comes right down to it, Blue's an old softie. My dogs could care less about the barking so she doesn't even bother with it anymore. Sometimes I think she just likes to think she still has "the power" in her old age:-)

I LOVE this picture. I couldn't get it to take the way I wanted, but essentially the way they were laying her, Ginger is only slightly larger (body and all) than Sandi's head! And Sandi is so gentle with her. It's funny to see the little dogs licking her face. I suppose it's obvious I've not had a dog this size in the house. Yet even with that crazy nonstop wagging tail, not a single thing has been broken. A few eyes have been poked, but nothing broken:-) Sandi will be attending her first adoption event this weekend. Based on her overwhelming excitement of visiting a friend, I'd imagine she will be the belle of the ball. Come visit us from 12-3 on Saturday. You won't be sorry. She's a real gem of a gal:-)
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lab loves fellow lab lover

Lol, did that make sense?  A friend of mine came over to visit tonight.  She's been commuting from New York to St. Louis with her job.  She had to come in for some other things, but absolutely HAD to stop by to meet the now "famous" Sandi:-)  She's has a few stressful things going on, I mean really stressful and I told her that Sandi could help with that since she was so great with hugs.  

And did she ever.  Sandi got the "lab lover's approval":-)  Nik and Matt walked in and Sandi was the first of the pack at the door to meet and greet them.  Her tail never stopped wagging and she kept doing the lean in thing to get attention.  In fact, Squirt, my dog who loves to kill the fun of other dogs when she feels they are enjoying things too much was quite beside herself as Sandi bounced around sucking up the attention. 

Not to be outdone of course, the other dogs had to jump in and that was fine with Sandi.  After all, she is the tallest of the group so she had dibs no matter how many were standing there.  Labs are a great breed, but breed aside, Sandi is just an all around, happy to be around humans and suck up the love,  kinda girl:-) Who knows what all she went through in the past, but there's no doubt about it, the future is looking bright for her.  And it's really looking bright for whatever lucky home ends up being chosen to adopt her!  Keep Saturday, August 21st on your calendar if you'd like to meet this lovely lady.  She will be doing her debut at the Petco in Kirkwood on that day (that is if she doesn't find an outstanding home before then:-) 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sandi loves water!!!

Okay, I know there is no water in these pictures, but these were a couple of the shots I got last night. The water part came in today. Ugh, I was so hot and tired when I got home today and my poor plants needed a drink. . .bad. I mean the kind that if I put it off another day, my tomatoes would probably have shriveled up and fallen off! I always feel better when I get home around my crazy dogs, but this took the cake. I had taken the sprayer off the hose and was just going to do my potted plants first then hook it back up to do the other stuff the "lazy way" (I'm serious, I was tired and ready for a nap!:-) As I was watering, I noticed that Sandi was trying desperately to figure out how to get to the hose and she was stuck on the other side of the plants (she could have walked around, but you know how our crazy dogs are when they want something NOW, lol.) So I put the hose forward a little, remember MY dogs will run screaming the other way near running water, but she leaned in and took a drink.

Cool, she's not afraid of water, but her desperation to get near the hose continued after that drink. After all, she was standing by a big bowl of water I had just filled up. What's the deal? Well, we humans, as usual, can be kind of slow on the uptake about figuring out what our critters are thinking. This little gal wanted to PLAY with that water and badly, let me tell ya! She was chomping at the water stream, lifting and slapping her paw down so playfully I had to laugh. And wouldn't you know it, crabby old me not only ended up watering the entire menagerie of plants veggies, flowers and all, but I did it with a grin. This funny girl, who was dumped in a pound has THE BEST PERSONALITY! She is so playful and goofy and she followed me the entire time trying to get to that water. I was able to momentarily distract her by putting some water in the little plastic pool I have for them, but there's a leak (need to get out the duct tape, lol.) and the water would only stay for a couple of minutes and she was back after the hose monster.

I gotta tell you, one of the things I love most about fostering dogs is discovering their personalities. While they all share a few things in common, they each have their own lovable traits that makes them unique. With this gal, it's only the beginning!
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet Sandi!

Doesn't she have a great face?! She has a personality to match too! As each day passes I'm learning more and more about the wonderful qualities this girl possesses. She's a big girl, about 81lbs. You'd never know it. She's as gentle as can be and loves the other dogs. Sandi's the perfect size for a big bear hug and she loves those!

She's only been here since Thursday and she's made friends with all the dogs and has no idea what the rat is, but she doesn't seem to be worried about him. She likes to play with toys, especially the squeaky ones:-)

While at the shelter Sandi started demonstrating signs that she was "giving up hope" according to Katie and Kim, the wonderful volunteers who worked with Sandi before she came to us. It's not uncommon to see this when dogs are miserable in small cages in overcrowded animal control facilities. Once they give up hope, it can be hard to get it back. It's not unheard of for a dog, or any social living creature for that matter, do die of a broken heart. Kim and Katie were afraid that was just what would happen if they didn't get her out of there and quick.

Lucky for Sandi we had some room. It's been hard to come by lately. And believe it or not, there are still foolish people out there saying we don't need to spay or neuter because we'll eventually run out of dogs? I mean REALLY? Well, our girl is looking good and feeling much better. She has a lot of love to give and is looking for a home that will give her the love and happiness she deserves! Gosh, who wouldn't want that?
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Max Goes Home:-)

Today I took Max to his new forever home! He was so excited to get there. I'm not sure who was more excited, Max or his two new little boy buds! The whole family was there and he got lots of hugs and rubs from anyone he walked by. I'm so happy for him. I love when a new foster comes here. Max was an easy boy to have. From the first day he was super outgoing and just a love. Course, my girls being older, did have a bit of a hard time around his exuberance. He is just so full of life and so joyful. That can translate into a bump here and a bounce there. What is just his natural way can be a bit stressful on my old gals. Knowing what a great home he has kept me smiling as I walked out the door.

When I got home, it was kind of strange. While I still have a housefull of pups, it was especially quiet. I even have a new girl now, Sandi, the big, beautiful, blonde lab. And what a sweetheart she is! All 80lbs of her, lol. But she's as gentle as a lamb.

Since early May I've had some really great bouncing boys come through here. Each one as adorable as the next, but definitely full of a bounce that keeps you on your toes. Now my fosters are Sweet 'ol Blue the beagle mix and Sandilab:-) Then there's my crew. It's quiet (except at dinner time) and I'm thinking I'll have fewer bruises for a while, lol. One problem with a small house and energetic dogs, you are frequently stepped on or whacked in the leg with a turning head or whipping tail. Not so with the bunch I have now. They are mellow and what's amazing is all but one are now girls! Don't know if my Lexy is finally mellowing about the female thing (she's rather aggressive with other females typically .) But with Blue she just stays away, lol. Blue definitely isn't afraid to state how she feels and there's something about Sandilab that she really seems to like. I think it's Sandi's gentle way about her. While she has the playfulness of the typical lab: loves toys, takes that paw up in the air when she's really happy and trying to get your attention, she jst has a gentle way of doing it. When I get some good pictures, I'll talk more about Sandi. She's quite the special girl who would fit in well anywhere. She has a sad background, but we're hoping for another happy ending! We won't be at adoptions again this next weekend (school is starting up again, got to get my classroom in gear!) but we will return ready to go on Aug. 21st.

I feel bad that I haven't been able to get Blue to events lately (my fault, not hers:-) She's such a nice dog. Oh, she's sassy alright, but only with the other dogs. She's a good as gold with me. And cute to boot. Sometimes I look at her and for a moment it's just hard to believe she's a senior girl. She has such a puppy face and the cutest little puppy front paws! I'll have to see if I can get a couple of good pics so you can see what I mean. She's such a nut.

So, sweet dreams, Max! I wish you a long life full of happiness and joy with your new family. Oh, I may not have mentioned that there's a bonus about his adoption. He ended up being adopted by a sister of a neighbor friend of mine, so I'll get to see him and hear about his progress as he grows. Now that's what I call a happy ending for us all:-)
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a Great Summer!

I have these great boys come into my home, separately, but at some point they've been her as a pair playing together. The first was Goldie, the shy boy who blossomed into a confidnent playful pup. Second was Pollock. Pretty much perfect from the moment he got here, he was lucky enough to find a home within 3 weeks of being with us. Pretty great for a dog who was slated to be put down. And now Max. Looks like he's found his forever home and will be going home this Saturday. And to be honest, it almost feels like this family was made for Max. At 4, Max is a loving, outgoing dog who wants nothing more than to be your buddy and give you lots of love and attention. All you have to do to get him to wag his tail, practically right off, is say his name. Potty trained, great manners, good on a leash and apparently extremely fond of children, this wonderful boy is going home with a family where he'll have two boys of his own and an "older woman" doggy that will be his bud. When we went for our home visit, Max was as comfortable as can be and in the short time we were there, he played with the boys, snuggled up with the "parents" and worked his magic to schmooze the older dog, who by they way, was quite snarky with him when we got there and by the time we left she was vying for his attention:-) Pretty good for a dog that no one wanted and was a hair's breadth of being put down as well.

Why should folks spay and neuter all their pets? Because it's a crime to know that hundreds and even thousands of these amazing creatures are being put down daily across the country (and here) because someone wanted to have "just one litter" or because I'm moving or because "my new boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife" doesn't like him, he peed on my lawn, he sheds and a host of other obnoxious "reasons" that they can no longer keep the committment they made when taking these animals in. There are very legitimate reasons, I know, that folks sometimes have to part with a beloved pet. Unfortunately, most of those are few and far between. Most of these dogs are dumped, plain and simple, whether on the street or at a kill shelter.

In the meantime, 3 lucky boys have found new homes all within a month. That's just some of the good that does go on. That's what we have to focus on. That's what keeps us going when we've seen, heard or cried over the unneccessary loss of life and the abusive treatment that all too many of these animals go through.

Congratulations boys! May you have much love, long, happy lives where you are cherished as you deserve!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sleepless in St. Louis:-)

It's after midnight and I just can't seem to sleep.  No particular reason, just not ready for bed yet I guess.  All is quiet though.  I guess this is what parents talk about when they talk about the "me" time that comes in the wee hours of the morning after (or before) the kids wake up and commence to running around and hollering:-)  Well, almost all is quiet.  I can hear Blue sawing a log as she sleeps with her head hanging off the dog bed.  My two smallest dogs could be carbon copies of each other.  Sleeping side by side, in nearly the same position even next to me.  Lanky Max is rolled into a teensy ball in his crate (how DO they do that??) Lexy sleeping on the cool tiles in the bathroom and Squirt snoozing on the carpet in front of me.

Butler my little rattie boy was out earlier, but even he is quiet tonight.  He's sure getting up there in age. Used to be I could hear him and his brothers scurrying around wrestling, eating and creating havoc in their big ol' cage.  To be honest, it actually lulled me to sleep at night.  Yeah, I know crazy, but that's the way it is.   He's closer to 3 now than he is to 2 and his back legs are starting to go out.  Such is the plight of the pet rat who lives to a ripe old age all too often.  One advantage though, he likes it more now when I get him out.  He's such an independent little booger that for a while, once he had the cage to himself, he liked to play until I wanted to get him out to snuggle (typical man, lol!)  Now he seems to again enjoy the time that he has out with me.  Compulsive groomers, it is very frustrating for a rat who can no longer flex his body the way he used to.  He's content to allow me to brush his thinning coat, feed him baby food so that he can keep his weight up and he's now happy to just snuggle on my lap and enjoy some company. 

Sweet little things, rats are.  Severely misunderstood.  *sigh*  I think I've said this before, but I really used to worry when my rats would get old and worry about when my dogs will get old.  Since being a foster for St. Louis Senior Dog Project, I've learned not to worry about that stuff anymore.  Life is short enough without worrying when the "time" will come.  It will come when it's darned good and ready and no amount of worrying will make it any less easy.  But it is happier for all involved to live every moment so that you have no regrets when your friend is gone (didn't spend enough time, didn't pay enough attention, etc.)  Enjoy each day as it comes for all it's small miracles.  I think it's easier for our pets as well.  They are so keenly aware of emotions.  They know when you're worried, just not why necessarily.  Adds stress to them as well.  The calmer and happier you are, same often goes for them. 

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'll still shed a tear for what's to come now and then.  But not because I fear it anymore like I once did.  The tears I shed now are tears of pride and joy.  How lucky am I that I get to experience the beauty of these creatures even though it's only for a short time?  What an amazing effect it has had on my life to be a witness and a part of such joyful spirits?  Who knows?  But no tears tonight:-)  Only the sound of the crickets, the occasional cicada. . .oh yeah, and the sound of Blue snoring aloud while I'll bet she's dreaming of dog treats and ruling the house:-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


His first adoption day wore him out!
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Here's Johnny! Good Grief!

So mornings aren't my best time of day. I clearly do not wake up until after 10, but when you have dogs (or kids I'm guessing:-) the schedule is not always your choice! This morning started off pretty much the same as any other. Drug myself out of bed because the pack is barking to go potty and have breakfast. I've done this so many times I could do it with my eyes closed. Once they are out time to feed Butler, my little rat who stands with his whole body pressed against the cage bars holding on for dear life with his little front paws. There was once a time he could stand like that without holding on. Now that his back legs aren't quite what they used to be, he's literally holding on so he doesn't fall over! So I get him his breakfast (usually some kind of baby food to keep his weight on in his old age. Don't worry he always has a dry food he can snack on anytime) and go about the business of getting breakfast ready for all the other pooches in the house. Blue gets green beans (trying to lose weight) with her food mix, a few others get a senior blend, yet a few others get purina one for breakfast.

At this point, I let everyone back in (that was a mistake!) and Blue starts her crazy dancing for food! You'll note the picture above. This is Blue's typical day. . er. . all day, except when there is food involved. I wake up a little more since I have to pay attention to who is trying to grab what food. Since Lexy is not very friendly with fosters about food I have to keep everyone separated (yeah, that's easy??) First Pollock, crate up boy, he hops right in gets his food while I'm shooing Blue out of the way. Head to the back room to feed Max. Okay Max, into the room. Max hops in then. . .what the????? I'm trying to close the bedroom door to put down Max's food and here's Blue huffin and puffin blockin my way with her head in the doorway giving me her best "Heeerrrreee'ss Johnny!" Crap, now I can't remember the movie, but it had Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duvall and he ... wait I got it , The Shining! That was it. So Blue is giving me her best maniacal look trying to bust through the door and get to the bowl of food (um, which I haven't even set down yet). It suddenly hits me that this is terribly funny and I haven't even had a chance to go potty myself. So here I am laughing, trying to get Blue out of the doorway, get Max to eat and not wet myself all at the same time. Sheesh!! Needless to say, everyone got fed, Jack, I mean Blue managed to get her breakfast and I made it through the incident without having to change clothes.

Anyone who thinks having a senior dog in the house is boring, has CLEARLY never had one. Love ya Blue. . .(you big nut)!
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