Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I tell ya. . .

These guys have it rough, don't they? I mean, they're practically skin and bones, no attention and they have nowhere comfortable to sleep. *sheesh*

Okay, so sarcasm isn't necessarily the best way to start out, but it's very hard to get across the humor of some of these pictures when you haven't been there to see it personally. In the middle pic, you can see that Ginger is bossing Goldy around. Go figure the little chick always seems to be the boss:-) Cody is just minding his own business (yeah, right. ) He just HAPPENED to turn as I took the pic. He was hanging on Goldy's back before that. And, of course, Goldy boy loves EVERY minute of it. As soon as the little ones stop, he's all over them to start again. They get on so well.

The bottom picture is of Goldy in one of his crazy sleeping positions. I honestly can not possibly see how this could be even remotely comfortable! His head was practically at a 90 degree angle. Amazing, truly. He's pretty much perfect here now outside of the random hiding of things now. He can hide my shoes under the cover in his crate in about 15 seconds without me ever even hearing him! That's about how long it takes for me to get them off when I walk in the door. He also LOVES *gag* to grab the dirty rat laundry out of the basket piece by piece so I've learned to keep the basket up high.

We're still working on getting him to realize that the leash is not a torture tool, but he's improving. At his last adoption event this past Saturday, he almost looked relaxed instead of frightened. It helped that Ginger came along. Both responded well to people walking by but for every dog that passed, Ginger stood over them and gave her most threatening bark. She is definitely protective of her boys, no doubt about it. HA, I spent half the day saying, "No, she's not for adoption, she's my dog. I brought her to keep Goldy happy." Many a face was disappointed! Being the dork that I am though, you know I had to puff out my chest a little (unintentionally, of course) with the, "Yup, that's MY baby look:-) " She did her mama proud:-)

The top picture here is of sweet ol' Blue. She was very perky at the beginning of adoptions while she was gnawing on her bone. Once she finished that, she was off in slumberland. At home, she's gotten to the point where she seems to enjoy the other dogs more. She doesn't spend every moment defending her "spot". This morning, I was rubbing her ears and I could tell so badly that she wanted to yap at Ginger for getting too close while she was getting her lovins. LOL, she was torn between grunting (as dogs do when they love having those ears rubbed) and trying to snarl her lip to get Ginger to move. In the end, she decided to ignore Ginger and focus on the good stuff. I know I said that I wouldn't be having anymore beagles, but sheesh, how many times I've I said I'd do someone only to cave at those dang big eyes these doggoned critters have?!? She is so funny. She sleeps a lot, but she sure knows when I've moved. She's become my little shadow walking through the house and the yard. She's still got a lot of spunk left in her. I sure would love to see her spend her last days, months, years, whatever time she has left in her forever home. She's a funny little gal. At suppertime she gets all excited barking and hopping around. She smiles and LOOKS like an little old girl with her one bottom canine:-) Dang she's cute as all get out.

Friday I'll have a newbie coming home with me. He's a 5 year old shepard mix from the Jefferson County Pound. I've only seen one picture, but he's got a great face. The kind that you see the happiness in his eyes even in the pictures. Seems his time was up this weekend. I've got the next month off (technically speaking anyway) so I thought what the heck. Looking at those big brown eyes, it wasn't really my choice. Funny how things work out with stuff like this. A couple that is interested in Goldy is coming to meet him tomorrow night. They have a dog about his size that needs a buddy. Won't find a much better pal than Goldy. If all goes well, Goldy could be in his new home by next week sometime. With the 4th of July holiday, it's better to wait to place a new dog in a new home. That'll give me time to check references, do an additional visit and make sure that the bulk of fireworks is over. He doesn't seem to be scared, but why take the chance.

*whew* seems I had a lot to say:-) What else is new, eh? Gotta update more often. I always have so much on my mind, but don't always get the time to post it. I need to get some new pictures too! You'd think being out of school would offer me more time. Nope, seems that time is filled before you know it. Things will slow down next week. Then I'll have lots more time to play with all the critters!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pooch roll call

I don't know about you, but the easiest way to make sure all my dogs are in when it's time for bed is to simply count them.  Two big dogs, two little dogs and then whichever pooch is staying with us at the time (that would be Blue and Goldie right now:-)  My guys go in and out so often, it reminds me of when my parents used to yell at us for opening and closing the back door so much.  There were 6 of us kids and we were not very good at staying in one place or another so we pretty much either air conditioned or heated the whole outside according to them:-)  So counting is really the best way to make sure they are all safe and sound inside.

That being said, I soooooo wish that I could get up to get my camera right now, but it's one of those moments that would be completely ruined if I attempted to even get up!  Blue has decided to take over Goldie's crate for some reason (much to the chagrin of Goldie.  He's put off by it, but refuses to boot her out:-)  Did you know that dog's could sleep with their eyes open?  Well, they can.  Goldie, as small as he is, is stretched out the entire length of the couch next to me.  There is a toy by his tail, one by his belly and one under his head.  Yup, rough life he's livin' right now, eh?  Man is this dog attached to his toys!

Squirt is dreaming right now, right at my feet.  I can tell because her feet and ears are jerking.  I'll bet she's dreaming of chasing some rabbit or maybe that pesky squirrel that keeps throwing stuff out of the tree at the dogs when they come out (no, I'm not kidding.)  Ginger is snoozing in the square bed with her body all rolled up, and her head leaning on the side of the bed.  She's too cute for her own good.  Lexy and Cody are sharing a big round dog bed. For some reason, Lexy always has to sleep with her butt and belly on the bed and everything else hanging off.  Maybe she likes for the blood to flow more easily to her head?  Cody loves his Lexy, maybe even more than he loves me, I think.  Whether in the house or outside, if he's sitting still and not sitting on me, he sits in the curve of Lexy's body.  And she likes it:-)  She loves other dogs, but not touching her, except for Cody.  Every once in a while, Butler makes an appearance, poking his head out of his bed or one of his many chewed up boxes.

Nothing new to report on Goldie.  He's still here of course.  Folks don't know what they're missing with this one.  He's such a great dog!  I was cleaning the rat cage earlier tonight and he just sat down (he's a butt sitter too!) with his ears perked forward watching everything I was doing.  He didn't try to come at the cage or get into the trash or anything.  He just sat there watching intently.

Blue has been a funny one to have around.  She reminds me of several different seniors that I've been lucky enough to have pass through my place.  She mostly sleeps, but she gets very excited about her meals.  She's taken to following me around wherever I go in the house.  Makes me feel a little bad because her legs are a little stiff and she's a little bumpy from fatty tumors, so I know it can't be easy for her to keep getting up every time I move.  But she does.  She'll get up, follow, watch to see where I'm going, then when I stop, she'll just lay down near my feet.  She must have been someone's pet at one time.  She's happy enough, but it makes me sad to think she'll probably never make it out of foster care.  Don't get me wrong, she gets lots of love and has it pretty comfy, but to think that she won't get to be anyone's pet, for real, before her time is up, well, it just makes me sad.  That happens all to often with too many animals. I keep hoping that someday all pets, and humans for that matter, will be able to have a home of their own and know what it's like to be loved, safe and secure.  I doubt it will happen during my lifetime, but until then, we do the best we can to help where we can and we do a LOT of praying. . .

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Ol' Blue

I'm watching Ol' Blue here while her foster mom is out of town. What a sweet old lady this girl is! We don't know how old she is, but we know she's really old. She loves to sleep. Her legs don't work quite as well as I imagine that they once did. She's a little lumpy around the middle due to fatty tumors. She has a heart murmur that she has to take medication for. With all that going on, you think she'd be kind of crabby. Not this old gal. She's as gentle as can be, loves having her supper on time and wags her little tail whenever I come over to her. She has the SOFTEST ears you can imagine and just l-o-v-e-s to have her back rubbed:-)

She reminds me so very much of another I had here last year. My good ol' boy Chester. Lived a hard life, one that would have left most humans I know bitter and mean. Not Chester. He had the sweetest disposition. He was only with me for a short time, but what an impression he made! Can't help but smile when I think of his antics. Positive attitude, but definitely didn't take any crap from any of the other dogs. Blue reminds me of him. With all her gentility, she still can let the little whippersnappers know when they are about to knock her over or if she's been bumped one too many times. And they listen too, let me tell you!

She may never leave foster care. She's in a loving home now, but it's not technically her forever home. She may have a week? month? year? more? but no matter how long she's around, she's only been here for a day and she's already left her mark on me. I love all the dogs I work with, but these old seniors are the ones that truly touch my heart and inspire me to be a better person. . .
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Idn't He Cute?!

I swear this dog is blooming with the flowers, lol. He is such a happy guy and LOVES to be outside playing! Note the toys. He's become quite the expert fetcher:-) He'll be at Petco this Saturday looking for his forever home. Seems I got lucky again. Looks like I've got myself another nearly perfect dog here! Question is, who is going to be the lucky one to take him home and watch him as he continues to find the little joys in life?
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Goldie Boy

Planned to upload a couple of new pictures then realized I left my camera at school!  Pics will have to wait until tomorrow:-) 
Goldie is SUCH a great dog.  He is ready for adoption any time now.  He still shows some fear when we go out on the leash, but each time we go it's less and less.  He loves meeting new people at home and is such a quick learner.  He seems to be completely potty trained now.  He's had no accidents for quite some time. 

There is one negative however.  Goldie now thinks he's a 15lb lap dog, lol.  Okay, not really a negative if you like snugglers.  He spends so much time interacting with my little dogs, he's started doing the same things they did.  That really hit home one day when I was on the couch trying to read and Cody and Ginger came barreling up into my lap.  Then about 4 seconds later here comes 50lb Goldie right behind him.  I scared the puddin' outta him because I yelled (well, sheesh, I was shocked!) Didn't faze him much though because he was right back up a few minutes later.  Goldie is so full of life and joy and adapts to routines so well, he's going to make some family one heck of a great companion.