Sunday, August 24, 2014


Miss Adalyn (dontcha just love the name??!) has had a really rough life up until the last year.  All the details aren't known, but the conditions she lived in were so bad, she escaped out of a broken window, ending up with dozens of stitches in her chest and a long time healing.  Lucky for her, someone that worked for a veterinarian's office found her and she was on her way to mending.  Everyone there fell in love with Adalyn, but as they all already had multiple pets (a hazard of working with animals) :-) no one had room to take her home so they referred Adalyn to St. Louis Senior Dog Project once her stitches were out and her chest healed.  That's how she came to live with me. 
With her story and her spirit it's hard not to love Addie.  This dog, for all she's been through, is as sweet and gentle as they come.  All she wants is a soft bed, a family to love her and some good meals.  She does love walks (and is great on the leash!) and is good in the car.  She gets along great with other dogs, cats, kids, adults, you name it.  
Adalyn would be great for someone who is home often, such as a retired person or someone who works from home so that she can be with her people.  She does fine in my home, even though I work full time, but I think she'd be happiest being around folks more often.  She has these wonderful brown eyes that don't come through in my pictures very well, but you can almost hear her talking to you if you look hard enough. 

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