Sunday, August 24, 2014

Senior Dogs Still Rock :-)

So it's been roughly 3 years and many dogs later since I last blogged.  Goodness, that's too long!  I have had so many wonderful dogs come through, but most haven't been here long enough to be able to talk about.  The younger ones always go so fast.  I have a few senior bubs now and still wonder why some of them take so long to find a home.  They are so easy and loving to have around! 

Take Sugar here. 

She is pretty much a perfect dog!  Potty trained, loving, good with kids, dogs, & other people.  Her only "flaw"?  She's about 13 years old.  While I don't consider that a flaw, many fear the possibility of getting their hearts broken by an older dog who may not have many years left.  What they forget is the quality in those years.  Sugar has proven to be as sweet and loving as her name would suggest.  She's so funny to be around with her goofy faces and her funny ears when she's listening for something carefully. 

Chico is another great dog and easy to have around!  He had to wear a belly band when he first came, but has since graduated to no belly band with only a few reminders. 

Above, Chico taking a nap when he first came and the next one is Chico and Sugar waiting for dinner.  And does Chico love his people?  What do you think?  :-)  With his peeps are his favorite place to be. 
Both of these great dogs love going for rides, are good on a leash and love walks and simply love to snuggle up and chill when you want to be a couch potato.  Chico is only about 7, but his odd looks get many comments, but no takers.  This boy is full of love and spunkiness and he's just waiting to make someone happy, happy, happy!

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